hike_on (hike_on) wrote in atlantadogs,

Sadly, since I created my community, only 2 people have bothered to join it. One of these was my sympathetic wife. I think this may be largely due to the fact that I have no clue about computers and dont understand how to make my community appear on search pages when people type in a relevant interest. Anyway, I'll cut to the chase. I've created this community to allow users to share their views and opinions on dog behaviour. Having searched LJ extensively I cant seem to find anything similar and think there is a need for this type of community. 

dog_behaviouris a community for anybody that has any interest in dogs whatsoever. Whether you have a problem with your dog, have had a similar problem to someone else
and have had success in overcoming it in a certain way, do you want a dog and want to ask a specific question to someone with the experience, whatever your reasons for being
interested in dogs, come and join this community.

Here's my lot enjoying the sun in the garden...they are Kiska (red and white malamute), Kayo (sable and white malamute), Koda (white akita-malamute cross) and finally Buddie,
the border collie... 

Oh, if I wasnt allowed to post this in this community, please accept my apologies and duly remove...
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