lost_snow_angel (lost_snow_angel) wrote in atlantadogs,

our new addition

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not sure what she is yet. her hair is soft and thick but not long. the other dog is trying her hardest to get her in trouble too. chasing the cats or the kid or picking out "kitty treats" but the puppy wont have anything to do with that.. shes lazy and just want sto sleep.. i found her out behind my apt bldg saturday morning. all soaked and crying under a bush. shes all white with black dots all over her head and ears and belly and a few on her body. the patch over her eye is a torti cat color.
the other dog

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is an unidentified jack mix ( or so we think)

plus the 3 stray cats we had taken in over the last 6 months we now have 2 dogs 3 cats and a very scared goldfish :-p
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