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Finally I found I community for dogs in Atlanta!
Well, onto the intro post:
First off, I have three lovable furballs (aka Keeshonden) named Storm, Idgett (there's actually a story behind her name) and Nakita. Two girls and a boy. Storm and Idgett are both 11 years old and are littermates/sisters. Nakita was a rescue whom we guessed to be about 5 years at the time. He is now 15.
I will have to post pictures at a later date, since I don't have any with me to post at this very moment.
Storm actually isn't in the best picture-taking mood right now, as she has surgery a week and a half ago and the spot on her throat is still kinda low on th furrage (the shaved spot is rather large). She just finished blowing coat and is about to grow her winter coat, so it will take a little longer than normal.
Well, that is all for now. Laters everyone.
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