mariclair (ms_priestypants) wrote in atlantadogs,

Dog In Need Of Adoption:

(this is not an actual photo of Lady, but another dog of her breed, Lady has slightly less orange coloring on her face)

Lady is an approximately two year old brittany spaniel or brittany spaniel mix who was found in the woods by some hunters in January. She had on a collar but no tags. The man who found her apparently decided that he couldn't handle a second dog and took her to the Cobb County pound.

Lady has not been spayed, but qualifies for reduced spaying fees since she is a shelter dog. Cobb County gives a coupon accepted by most vets for this procedure after the adoption fee of $40 is paid.

Lady is an exceptionally sweet and intelligent dog, but does need a lot of exercise. She needs someone who has past experience training dogs to teach her how to control her exuberance. She knows how to sit and walk on a leash, though she prefers to run. She is an escape artisit when she doesn't get enough exercise, and deserves to be an indoor dog.

Lady has been at the Cobb shelter for three weeks now, and though they don't have a set schedule for euthanizing, she will be one of the first to go when they get crowded because she was turned in by an owner.

I am willing to pay for Lady's adoption fees and spaying but cannot take her into my house at this time, if nayone is interested or knows someone who might be able to give Lady a loving home, please contact mariclair at livejournal dot com.

Thank you!
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